CREPIM SAS is a worldwide fire testing company, which provides customer with effective support for fire testing, training and consultancy CREPIM is specialized in the fire testing according to EN 45545-2 for Railway markets. CREPIM is COFRAC accredited (eq to NABL), and is fully recognized by CERTIFER (3 stars laboratory) for fire testing.

EN 45545 is adopted in Europe, Australia and is expanding in India. The globalization of EN 45545 is an asset for the countries using this standards. CREPIM has been working for years for Indian based companies and has decided to accelerate its developmen. CREPIM and has joined its force with AETHER Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (AETHER) to deliver in direct the market with its offer:

CREPIM Firetest expert Railways

Fire testing for Railways

  • French Standard NF F 16 101
  • European Standard EN 45545-2: CREPIM test report are accepted in Europe, India and China
  • US Standard NFPA 130
CREPIM Firetest expert Training

Fire training

  • The fire regulations and passive fire protection in railway rolling stock: Europe, US and Worldwide
  • The fire and the fireproofing strategy: the fundamentals linked to Materials and FR additives
CREPIM Firetest expert Consultancy


  • EN standard interpretation and EN standard exploitation: EN 45545 grouping rule, EN 45545 Non Listed Item identification and processing
  • Review of Fire Safety Plan for Railways market

We hope that this complementary association of knowledge and competencies ( featured in annex) between AETHER and CREPIM will offer you the ability to accelerate your development while using this turn key solution, including the delivery of the official fire test reports.

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Indian Railways has decided for years to adopt and to deploy the fire safety standard EN 45545-2 to all railway interiors. At least 95% of the specifications is now released and industries have now to cope with this issue.

This set of standards sets up a new paradigm regarding fire safety and material and the appropriation need some focus and time.

To support our partners in the integration of this new normative culture, CREPIM and AETHER joins hands to turn over a training focused on EN 45545 series. And we have decided to turn over a pedagogic content based on a step by step approach.

In this framework, our proposal aims to address the key aspects of the EN 45545-2 standards and to explore :

  • The deployment strategy of the EN 45545 series
  • The key aspects of the fire in term of reaction to fire (EN 45545-2) and fire resistance (EN 45545-3)
  • The complete and detailed review of EN 45545 series
    • Review of the EN 45545 part 1
    • Review of the EN 45545 part 2
    • Review of the EN 45545 part 3
  • The new parameters applied to materials and seats with the exploitation of heat release measurements

This operation is a unique opportunity to get a global picture of the EN 45545 framework and to illustrate EN 45545-2 & 3 requirements by applicable cases studies, and mobilizes experts from AETHER and CREPIM.

At least, this training aims to allow attendees to get the basic know how of the standard, this to be quickly operational on the EN 45545-2 & 3 issues.

Do not miss this occasion and feel free to download the brochure and pre-inscription form by clicking here

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